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10 Responses to “Contact Dr. Bearemy”

  1. Brian Evans Says:

    Great site Dr. Bear – adding you to my blog roll and invite you to add Your ER Doc too.


  2. matt Says:

    Just wanted to say that I just discovered your blog from Scalpel. Like it very much. Keep it up.

  3. Dr. Bearemy Says:

    Thanks for the support. Hope you find the info useful.

  4. Sandnsurf Says:

    Congratulations on an informative and entertaining blog. You are now the proud recipient of the Kreativ Blogger Award…
    Looking forward to your 6 favorite things and favorite blogs

  5. SE Says:

    Nice blog!I am a student from a Russian medical university ,and i am inspired to be an EM physician. May i know which routes are there for me to do EM in the USA,other than the usual USMLE way?or perhaps any short courses available?thx

    • Dr. Bearemy Says:

      EM is a great field and I’m glad you’re interested in pursuing a career in it. In terms of how to enroll in a US EM residency from Russia, I am not sure; although I know people do it. Perhaps one of the other readers could help you out with this.

  6. SE Says:

    HI Doc…can i link some of ur posts to my blog? I will certainly link them back to this blog!

  7. Dr. Bearemy Says:

    SE –

    Yes, feel free. Not a problem.

  8. brocasarea Says:

    really good of my fav:)

  9. brocasarea Says:

    its up to the point and precise!!!…good job!

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